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On wheels

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Short time event Fixed place Whole Switzerland
Time needed Outoor Indoor
Group size

Relaxing bicycle trip with baking Relaxing bicycle trip with baking

Time needed 1 day Group size 4 to 35 Persons
Place Place Glarnerland
Scenic journey along the river Linth and past factories of the once booming textiles industry.
Drive a real digger Drive a real digger

Time needed 1 to 3 hours Group size 1 to 15 Persons
Place Place Urnerboden
 (Glarnerland above Linthal)
Short time eventOutdoor
Try manoeuvring this huge vehicle around the gravel pit and practice dealing with the shovel. Who is clever and has loaded the gravel faster?
Segway tour Segway tour

Time needed 2 to 3 hours Group size 6 to 30 Persons
Place Place whole Switzerland
Short time event Outdoor
Pleasurable city or country tours with the original, single-axis electric personnel carriers.
Segway adventure course Segway adventure course

Time needed 2 to 4 hours Group size 10 to 60 Persons
Place Place whole Switzerland
Short time event Outdoor Outdoor
Control the self-balancing, uniaxial vehicle simply by shifting body.
Quad biking Quad biking

Time needed 3 to 4 hours Group size 4 to 40 Persons
Place Place whole Switzerland
On The Move with the trendy four-wheel motorbikes.
Tractor adventure course Tractor adventure course

Time needed 1 to 2 hours Group size 10 to 40 Persons
Place Place Filzbach / Walensee
Short time event Outdoor
Test your skills and steer the machine through the course.
Gemütliche Bike-Tour Relaxing bike tour through the Glarnerland

Time needed 1 day Group size 4 to 20 Persons
Place Place Glarnerland
Unforgettable bike tour in Glarus area.
E-bike tours E-bike tours

Time needed ab 2 hours Group size ab 6 Persons
Place Lake Zurich, Obersee, Klöntal, Bad Zurzach or
Place upon request in whole Switzerland
Drive with the e-bike and the ease of a 'top athlete' with our experienced guide along gorgeous trails.
Harley Davidson tours Harley Davidson tour

Time needed 7 to 8 hours Group size 4 to 20 Persons
Place Place whole Switzerland
Who hasn’t dreamt of being an “EasyRider” and of life on the road as though you were in the film! To put your foot on the accelerator and speed off into the distance with only the sound of the powerful V twin engine of the Harley Davidson. Nothing more than a dream? Up until now … now you can go on the nicest tours and make your dream of this classic bike come true.
Velofahrt-Segeln Bike ride in Ticino and sailing on Lake Maggiore

Time needed 1 day Group size 5 Persons and more
Place Place Ticino
Pure pleasure on the descent from Airolo to Biasca. In the afternoon, from zero to the regatta - sailing for beginners.
Ride a snowmobile Ride a snowmobile

Time needed 1 ½ to 3 hours Group size 5 to 30
Place Engelberg (Titlis)
Slide with the snowmobile trought winter landscapes. Plenty of fun and action guaranteed!
Drive a piste tractor Drive a piste tractor

Time needed 2 hours Group size 2 to 18 Persons
Place Place Silvretta Montafon
A heavy vehicle for grown up boys and girls: drive across the snow with a 10 ton heavy tractor.

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