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  Outdoor All Year

  Place Thurgau

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Informations to the Offer
  Group size 4 to 8

Time needed Half or whole day

All year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
3'100.00 / up to 8 Pers.

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Well trained horses (especially for this purpose), instructions and support by qualified „horse whisperer“, Ranch rental fees

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group, Drinks and Food

Well combined with other activities such as archery or Team Olympics

Leisurewear, good shoes (older clothing is recommended), spare clothes and shoes, rainwear

Other requirements
No special skills needed

  All Year  Indoor  Outdoor

Team development with horses

Leading with heart and mind – Find common solutions and communicate this without words.

Winning horses as a partner
Horses are very sensitive animals who respond to voices or even sense disagreement with their counterpart. To team up with horses is a special challenge and a unique opportunity for your employees to look at themselves in a different light and start thinking in new ways.

Why horses as an assistant coach?

  • Horses do not know any „role playing“, they react immediately and authentically
  • Their respect and trust cannot be imposed
  • Human status symbols, age, gender are not relevant
  • Horses are ideal coaches to overcome fears and strengthen self-confidence
  • Horses develop leadership skills and awake new potentials

Just take a look

Teambuilding with horses Teambuilding with horses Teambuilding with horses Teambuiliding with horses

On more thing...

The horses have been raised to their nature, so that they have received their sensitivity and natural communications skills. They like to cooperate with people, waiting to be led by you. The horses respond to moods in a team or individual, so that after just a short amount of time each participant will become aware of his own leadership skills and will sense areas of improvements immediately. This experience will help your employees to be more effective and self-confident leaders.

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