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  Outdoor Short time event All Year

  Place Linth area

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  Group size 4 to 12

Time needed 2 to 3 hours

All Year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 150.00 / Pers.

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All materials (tools, consumable materials, gloves), workplaces, soft drinks, supervision by experienced guides.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group, any delivery costs of items to your chosen address.

As most of our other events, this can also be combined with many further elements (due to the short length of activity) although it is well worth booking individually.

Sturdy shoes and old cotton clothing

Other requirements
Nothing in particular, perhaps a love of experiencing new things.

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Raku firing (clay firing) with unique and surprising results

At 1,000ºC your team is sure to bond!

Centuries-old working and firing techniques
Raku is an ancient Japanese firing art in which the finished clay objects (jewellery, items of everyday use etc) are transformed into expressive ceramics with fascinating colours and effects. Cleaned of any soot and grime, the various influences and techniques result in highly individual items. Raku burning is a very special event as you work hand in hand.

Firing takes place outdoors in nature
The items which are fired by a potter are covered in a special glaze and then fired outdoors in a raku kiln. After about 2 hours you remove the glowing red hot items from the 1,020 degree hot kiln using tongs and protective gloves and place these in a reduction chamber with sawdust. As a result of this temperature shock, cracks will begin to appear in the glaze − the typical craquelé effect. Flames are formed which are then smothered as soon as you close the chamber door. You will have to carefully open the chamber several times to add more sawdust and, in this way, the oxygen absorbed by the clay and the glaze in the kiln is drawn out. This creates the special glaze effect and the typical black colouring of the unglazed clay which stands out and gives this ceramic its unique look. The reduction process can also be changed by covering or uncovering the item with sawdust. Finally, the items are cleaned. Raku firing is very popular due to the special technique used and the many different effects you see in the clay.

Just take a look

Raku firing Clay firing Raku firing Clay firing

And another thing...

Whilst the glaze is drying, the kiln is heated up which is also sure to warm up your hearts.

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