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  Outdoor Indoor Short time event All Year

  Place Whole Switzerland

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Informations to the Offer
  Group size 5 to 300

Time needed 2 to 3 hours

All Year (weatherproof)

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 80.00 / Pers

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All materials, soft drinks, supervision by qualified eventerlebnis guides

Not included:
Arrival and departure of the group to the venue; if the games are held indoors: the use of the infrastructure (admission/room rental)

Complete the event with a traditional Alpine aperitif with Alpine cheese from the Nüen Alp (made in the Alpine experience).

Casual clothing, walking or trekking shoes (clean shoes if held indoors), rain/waterproof jacket, possibly also sun protection

Other requirements
Nothing in particular, perhaps a love of experiencing new things.

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Farmhouse Olympics

Which team will prove to be the better farmers?

The somewhat different contest!
This highly original contest doesn't focus on top sporting achievement but, instead, improvisation, skill, keen powers of observation and accuracy. In all cases, the Farmhouse Olympics will leave you wanting more!

Join in and cheer on
A wide range of fun activities await you − whether flag or coin spinning, alphorn blowing or on target with the archery or blowpipe shooting! The nail hitting competition is also sure to test you whilst the gold transport will require clarity and the iron throwing calm. After milking the docile (fake) cow Elsa (in Filzbach, a real cow), you will continue to the treasure hunt with an avalanche transceiver (search device).

Just take a look

Farmhouse Olympics Farmhouse Olympics Farmhouse Olympics Farmhouse Olympics

And another thing ...

Particularly the non sporty participants have the best chances of being amongst the winners. In these Olympics smaller groups usually compete against one another which ensures a great team spirit and excitement. Ultimately, though, what really counts, is taking part. By the way, you don't have to have an actual farm − the event can also take place in a forest hut, school building or even indoors.

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