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  Outdoor Short time event All year

  Place Whole Switzerland

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  Group size 5 to 60

Time needed 1 to 2 hours

All year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 40.00 / Pers.

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All materials, instructions and well experienced Guides from eventerlebnis.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group

Also good as an item on a scavenger hunt or as an individual element e.g. during or after a seminar.

Casual clothing, sturdy shoes and rain/waterproof jacket

Other requirements
Nothing in particular

  All Year  Indoor  Outdoor

The direct way

The shortest connection between two points is the most direct – see for yourself!

No ifs and buts
Let your employees experience for themselves 1:1 whether the most direct way is also always the best and quickest way. As a roped party (on the ground), the group will cover a defined direct path across the site.

A challenge for the team
The team is on its own. Who will assume the lead? Who is responsible for navigation? Who has an eye for the treasure which is on the path? What other obstacles need to be overcome? Yes, this event involves mutual help, attentiveness, precision and plenty of fun.

Just take a look

direct way direct way company outing direct way team event direct way team building

And another thing …

A great added bonus of this exciting exercise is that you will also get to know idyllic spots in nature, do a little exercise and learn to respect one another.

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