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  Indoor Short time event All Year

  Place March/SZ

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  Group size 5 to 15

Time needed 2 to 3 hours

All Year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 99.00 / Pers.

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All materials, 4 cup cakes to take home with you incl. a small box, savoury aperitif, 1 illustrated recipe, supervision by experts.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group

The cup cake workshop can also be combined with various outdoor events to create a good combination of indoor and outdoor activities.

Special clothing

Other requirements
Nothing in particular

  All Year  Indoor  Outdoor

After Work Cupcake Party

Cup cakes – the sweetest temptation

Small cakes, big on taste!
Cup cakes are mini cakes which are baked in the shape of a very small cup. Often compared to muffins, cup cakes have a much lighter sponge and sugar sweet taste which is also why they are very popular as a dessert and are, for many, also a good alternative to the classic wedding cake.
Each cup cake is a miniature work of art and their toppings, also called frostings (colourful crèmes) and imaginative decorations are often very eye-catching. Whether hundreds and thousands, nuts, marzipan figures, fruit or chocolate, your cup cake enjoyment need know no limits!

Party from 7.00pm
A party can be given for many different occasions although you often don’t even really need a reason! If you feel like celebrating, you can also invite your friends or colleagues to a cup cake party in the middle of the week. Start with a refreshing aperitif and then learn all about the wonderfully sweet art of cup cake decoration.

The art of decorating
The small works of “cake art” are often much easier to create than they look. Important is that the crème on the cakes, the frosting, keeps its shape and for this the cakes need to be cool and firm. You can apply the frosting with a spoon or artistically with a piping bag to create delicate swirls. Our skilled baker / confectioner will give you many tips to help make your sweet treats a success.

Just take a look

Cup cakes decorating Cup cakes decorating Cup cakes decorating Cup cakes decorating

And another thing...

You can take your personally created and stylishly decorated cup cakes home with you and surprise your family and friends.

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