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  Outdoor Indoor Short time event All Year

  Place Whole Switzerland

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Informations to the Offer
  Group size 10 to 50

Time needed 1 hour

All Year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 40.00 / Pers.

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Expert and entertaining guidance and supervision by musicians, all materials.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group

May also be combined with other activities and can be held anywhere.

Other requirements
Nothing in particular, good lungs and good mood!

  All Year  Indoor  Outdoor

Alphorn blowing

Fun and enjoyment!

The instrument
The Alphorn belongs to the brass instruments due to the blowing technique used although it is traditionally made out of wood. It doesn’t have any keys or valves and the sounds produced are, therefore, all entirely natural. Depending on the landscape in which you are playing, it can be heard 5 to 10 km away. Long wooden trumpets such as the Alphorn can be found in many cultures and countries e.g. in Tibet, the Pyrenees and the Carpathians. In Switzerland, the Alphorn is very popular.

Be an Alphorn blower for the day
This is sure to create a good mood. Together with the musicians, you will experience the Alphorn in a different way. First, the Alphorn duo (with larger groups, a trio) will play a few pieces and then you will try it out yourself. It promises to be great fun!

Just take a look

Group event Alphorn blowing Group event Alphorn blowing Group event Alphorn blowing Group event Alphorn blowing

And another thing...

The world's longest Alphorn is 47 metres long − this world record is held by the Alphorn builder Josef Stocker from Kriens together with the American Peter Wutherich whereby the diameter of the end piece also counts. However, according to Josef Stocker, this Alphorn cannot be played. If, on the other hand, not all the pieces are used in the construction, the longest Alphorn which can be played is created and this is 14 metres long. This also has 64 notes compared to the 16 of a "normal" Alphorn. The longest Alphorn made out of one piece in the Guinness Book of Records is 20.67 metres and comes from the workshop of Alois Biermaier in Bischofswiesen (Upper Bavaria) where it can also be viewed.
Source: Wikipedia

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